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Observations of a Sydney girl rocking Germany

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Climbing mountains to beat the blues

A grey blanket hangs above.

Autumn’s leaves have fallen, exposing the bare trees.

Days are dark, dreary and cold.

Constant drizzle, rain and the first snow flakes fall.

Passengers wait for trains, their hands jammed into pockets.

Living in Germany, which I assume would be similar to living in other European countries, means experiencing the changes in season. Along with distinct patterns in weather throughout the year, one sees nature and natural life move through its annual life cycle. Growing up in Australia, and in Sydney in particular, this was a little different. Summers are harsh, winters are mild, rain can occur at any time and one always needs a backup plan because basically anything goes (from what I hear, this week hasn’t been too pleasant at all). Sydney sees its autumn beauty but changes are just a little less obvious overall, which makes me notice my surroundings here even more.

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Ein, Zwei, Drei, Vier…

Next month will mark 24 months in Germany. While in some respects it feels as if time has flown, after short reflection, I would say that I have managed to squeeze a lot out of these months, my main feat: embracing the German language.

Before I moved, my German consisted of a handful of words – Guten Tag, danke, Brot, Milch, über and schlafen –   (evidently without the appropriate article), picked up during one term of German classes and my father’s obsession with asking for the ‘milch’ at the breakfast table.

Despite my limited knowledge of the language it didn’t deter me from moving to Germany; I knew I could somehow manage to work it out. This may have been because I wasn’t a stranger to a foreign language. Continue reading


München 1.0

Moving 16,000km away from your home, family and friends isn’t as hard as you may think.

That is – not when you are blessed with regular visitors like I have over the last year.

Since July 2012 our little paradise in München has opened its doors to many a weary traveller – both German and Australian based. This has included my parents, my younger brother, my grandparents, my sister-in-law’s brother, Alex’s parents, Australian and German friends and will soon welcome my eldest brother and his wife (just a little excited!!)

Opening my home to these special people brings my far away home that little bit closer, whilst allowing me to share my little big German life with them.

Having visitors also means a chance to put on the mini tourist-guide badge and show off the beautiful city I live in. Being a ‘traveller’ myself, exploring the offerings of my city is exciting. We all know however that our daily routine can sometimes get in the way of appreciating our surroundings as much as we would like to – so given the opportunity to explore the city with my visitors and I will take it without second thought.

Having revealed a few of my favourite spots to my visitors, it is now time to share some of my München with you. (This will only be the start).

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