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Observations of a Sydney girl rocking Germany

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Its been a while since my last post – summer, holidays, old friends and road trips means I tend to steer away from technology. Alex and I also just finished a 4,500km road trip across the south coast of Australia – there will be more about this in my next posts. But here I am, finding it hard to realise that the 31st of December has rolled around once again – but nevertheless excited for the days ahead.

Being the last day of 2013, I think a recap is duly in order. I always enjoy looking back on the year that was – what I achieved, the milestones, the many places I was able to see, the people I met…

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Catching up with Sydney

Sydney, I missed you.

Although it has only been 10 months since we last departed, stepping back into your hold has filled the loss of our separation.

You share yourself with many Sydney, but I’d like you to know what you mean to me.


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Das Weihnachtsgefühl – the Christmas feeling

Germans know how to get into the spirit. When they celebrate something they go all out.

When invited to a themed party they will be without a doubt dressed appropriately from head-to-toe.

When they invite friends over for a ‘Grill- session’ they will ensure they have a surplus of cold beers available and extras on hand for just-in-case.

When going out to party you can be assured they won’t be home before the wee hours of the morning.

It is no surprise then that the annual celebration of Christmas is rejoiced with vivacity, as if one would think it wouldn’t return the next year. In this way you could say that the German spirit at Christmas gives meaning to the word festivities.

I’ve seen a few Christmases around the place – and I can say that while the effort put into the light displays on the homes of Sydney’s houses is astonishing, and despite how much I love the festive feeling throughout New York around Christmas – Germany takes the pretty light displays, decorated street lamps, ice rinks and the official town Christmas tree that one step further. The Weihnachtsmarkt transports these festivities to the next level.

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