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Observations of a Sydney girl rocking Germany

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The golden days

It’s been a little bit quiet around here lately on the blog front. My apologies. On the life-front however, it’s been quite the opposite. After a bit of a slump I’ve embraced a change of mindset and have immersed myself in positive changes and experiences:

I explored London with good friends from Sydney, escaped to the idyllic island of Limnos in Greece, spent afternoons along the Isar in Munich, started an amazing new job with perhaps the coolest team ever(!!), spent a weekend in Düsseldorf, watched a couple exchange sacred vows at the Wasserschloss (palace surrounded by water) of Nordkirchen, and enjoyed a last taste of summer for the year as I soaked in the Spanish sun in Fuerteventura (with abovementioned cool team).



Fanaraki Beach, Limnos – Greece

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Opening my eyes

Some times things get a little too much – I begin to dwell on things and often forget to breath. I am having one of those weeks.

Without getting into too much detail, this week has involved a lot of personal reflection – career-wise. There may have been a mini-meltdown, a heavy migraine and the phrase ‘it’s too much’ replaying over and over in my head.

As a much welcomed relief, I have found peace in appreciating the beauty all around me.

Autumn, herbst – my favourite season – has slowly revealed its beauty with;

crisp mornings,

golden, afternoon light,

blankets of fallen leaves on footpaths,

multi-patterned pumpkins stacked in open fields, and

skylines of change –  green, yellow, orange, red and brown.

Just walking through this natural beauty brings wonders to the soul. In my neighbourhood houses have begun preparing for the winter – some with piles of firewood stacked in yards, some having already warmed their fireplaces.

Drinking my morning coffee from the balcony I smiled as I saw the squirrels return – chasing each other along the tree branches, their golden coats often camouflaged amongst the leaves as they gather the tree’s delights.

It is the season of foraging and storing, wearing scarves, roasting chestnuts, holding onto light and appreciating the gradual slow-down of life. Continue reading